About Us

We are a group of BITSians determined to solve basic yet challenging problems faced by our society everyday through technology and transform living and lifestyle one byte at a time. The power of the web and the exploding field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning helps us explore these basic problems and gives us a new perspective on solving them. Our motto is "Simplify, simplify and simplify", and we aim to create products that require minimum efforts from users, in which just a one-time set-up is enough without losing out on any core functionality. We utilize existing platforms and the power and reach of these platforms by Microsoft, Google and Facebook so that we can serve the best experience possible and maintain a rapid reach and easy deployment.

The Team

Holmes had some work. So you are stuck with us.

Rajat Jain

The AI guy. Knows nothing. Does nothing. Just there with bat powers.

Mrigesh Madaan

The Back-End dude, with Iron-Man suits that Tony Stark trashed even before Mark 1.

Anirudh Krishna

The improvisor. *Codes everything silently in the corner, but nothing works*. Lazy to the core.

The Contributors

Palash Dhakar

The designer guy, who will learn to play guitar some day!

Ayush Jain

Anirudh Garg

Ritik Bavdekar

Agastya Sampath

Jithin Sojan

Rohit Ghivdonde

Lavanya Soni


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