Downloading & Installing

Follow the icons to get Content Holmes for your favorite browser below for a simple one-click install. Just don't forget to login using the options button in the extension page:-).

Download and Install the app

Click the download button above

Signup at the extension

Create a password

LogIn to ContentHolmes

LogIn to the website or use the messenger bot

Contacting the bot

Getting in touch with Holmes is easy. Just search Content Holmes on messenger and drop in a "Hey". That's it, you're up and running. Well login is essential here as well :-).

Enabling on Incognito

Head over to "chrome://extensions" and tick mark the "Allow in Incognito" option. It is as simple as that. Holmes messages you if someone tries to tamper with the settings.

Downloading a companion app

Disable Notifier allows you to be notified if the extension is disabled at any time. This helps Content Holmes remain active on the PCs and serve you 24X7.

Accessing your data

All the data that we access and store is visible to you on the dashboard. The information we collect is either explicitely provided by you or required for sentiment analysis and/or URL blocking.

Don't Believe Us?, test it out here

Sentiment Test

Sentiment Analysis is something we like to talk a lot about. And it shows our dedication towards serving the best we can. Have a try :-).